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About us

Arriver's mission is to make exceptional and welcoming experiences universal in the workplace. With Arriver Visitor Registration, we’re reimagining the future of visitor sign-in.

Team Arriver wants to tackle your workplace pain points, from the complicated to the mundane, and bring you modern solutions. We use smart design to create user-focused products that encourage interaction and enjoyment.

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The Philosophy behind Arriver

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“The Smart VMS”

Arriver is a smart visitor management system. Smart means it’s a perfect combination of technical capabilities, user-friendliness and affordability. The word Arriver “ VisitorStudio” is Arabic for “Guard”.

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Arriver is:

a comprehensive, user-friendly VMS that doesn’t cost a fortune, ideal for medium to large enterprises that prefer intuitive and powerful software over run-of- the-mill applications, and a well-thought-out VMS that’s a demonstration against thoughtlessness and carelessness.

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It’s beyond security

Yes, Arriver perfectly complements your building security system. The VMS will even save you potentially millions of dollars worth of theft and lawsuits. But it’s not just about security. Arriver is a comprehensive hospitality management solution as well. It’s an extension of your company’s image, brand and brilliance.

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What Arriver makes you

Arriver makes you a vigilant supervisor, an admirable host, and a more productive business unit. It makes you less vulnerable, less liable. Above all, it makes you a better, more profitable and enviable enterprise. If you want something like that to happen on your watch, you should seriously consider VisitorStudio.