arriver barcode management
Fast check-in

Share access pass via email

You have the option to share a QR code with your visitors in their invitation email. This QR code can be used to check in faster and/or as an access pass to your premises. Your visitors’ access rights are also programmed around their meeting: outside of this time, their permissions are restricted to prevent unauthorized entry.

QR Codes in Arriver Studio Management

Implementing a system that can provide QR codes, like Arriver, into your workplace will provide you with glanceable insights into deliveries, visitor data and details which include who is working on which project and much more!

Your business will no longer need to have a dedicated check-in employee, though HR managers and facilities managers will still be provided in-depth and accurate insight into who has entered and for what reason.

A quick flash of a smartphone’s QR code scanner is all it takes to check someone in, record their check-in time as well as let you know precisely who is checking in and for what reason. If this process is paired with extensive visitor management software platforms such as Sine, you can make use of entire dashboards and suites of information that QR codes and Sine work cohesively to create