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Arriver for Banking & Commercial Sector

Dangerous People or Dozens of Meetings; Arriver Rises Up to the Challenge.

Focus on Your Core Activities as VisitorStudio takes care of Security For banks and other commercial facilities, Arriver provides the perfect visitor management solution. The Arriver VMS is two-fold – providing building security as well as visitor management. With the scores of people coming through your doors, management often takes a hit. With a well-thought-out VMS in place, you don’t have to worry about safety, security or their impact on productivity.

Key Features

arriver automation solutions

Automation, Vigilance, Excellence

Arriver Simplifies Various Tasks, Protecting Your Premises and Productivity

Don’t get bogged down by the huge volume of information every visitor brings. Arriver automation enables you to carry out your commercial activities without a hitch. The solution is designed to minimize routine and mundane tasks related to security and visitor management. Superior automation saves time across multiple functions of your commercial activities, boosting efficiency. Whether it’s the streamlined access for expected visitors or a real-time cockpit that constantly provides vital information, VisitorStudioz features are just good business.

arriver key solutions

Features available in Mars Configuration

Designed to Secure and Manage Your Commercial Premises

It can get difficult to focus on business with unsound security or visitor management. Arriver Mars configuration is the ideal VMS to have on your commercial premises.

  • Host Notification
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Client Devices
  • Real Time Cockpit
  • Sophisticated Report
  • Vehicle Gate Passes
  • Temporary Gate passes
  • Hardware Feature
  • Iqama Scanner
  • National ID Scanner
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Self-sign Kiosk (Optional)