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Arriver for Gated Community

Reliable, Cost-Effective Visitor Management Solution

From General Crime to Terror Attacks, Arriver Protects Your Compound. For compounds and labs in the Middle East, safety has become an increasingly important concern. The Arriver visitor management system is designed to put both your residents and your management at ease. VisitorStudioz Pluto configuration provides the perfect safety and security for your compound. Keeping the needs of compounds labs in mind, we made sure the much-needed safety doesn’t come at too high a price.

Key Features

Convenience & Peace of Mind for Residents, Visitors & Management

It’s Great for Your Image

Don’t get bogged down by the huge volume of information every visitor brings. VisitorStudio automation enables you to carry out your commercial activities without a hitch. The solution is designed to minimize routine and mundane tasks related to security and visitor management. Superior automation saves time across multiple functions of your commercial activities, boosting efficiency. Whether it’s the streamlined access for expected visitors or a real-time cockpit that constantly provides vital information, Arriver's features are just good business.

Features available in pluto Configuration

Just the Right Capabilities

The capabilities listed below make VisitorStudioz the ideal VMS for compounds and labs. The system works seamlessly, facilitating the supervision of the scores of people entering and leaving your domain.

  • Host Notification
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Client Devices
  • Real Time Cockpit
  • Sophisticated Report
  • Vehicle Gate Passes
  • Temporary Gate passes
  • Hardware Feature
  • Iqama Scanner
  • National ID Scanner
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Self-sign Kiosk (Optional)