Visitor Badge Printing

Visitor badge printing has never been easier. Using wireless printing allows for seamless sign in.

Use any kind of badge and any printer to print badges directly from the dashboard. Promote your brand by displaying your logo, colours and design on the badge. Moreover, you can customise badges for special events.

Badge Printing

Visitors are also easily identified by Arriver's customisable, personalised badges. After each visitor has completed the check-in process, Arriver securely transmits their information to a wireless printer and instantly generates a high-quality, temporary badge that visitors can wear for the duration of their visit. These badges can include the visitor’s name, company, your organisation’s logo, and the name of the person or department serving as the visitor’s host. No need to struggle with a dedicated workstation, complex printer configurations, cables, and expensive supplies: Arriver makes printing visitor badges easy and affordable.