arriver overview
Why Arriver

Setting the bar for visitor sign-in

Arriver makes it easy to collect visitor signatures on legal documents. They’ll sign your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or waiver directly on the iPad, so there’s no more skipping or scribbling. And since all signatures are digital, record keeping is easier than ever.

The simplicity and brilliance of VisitorStudio can be summarized at a glance.

The 3-step process shows how Arriver Visitor Studio works and how it makes life easy for visitors, hosts and your facilities administrators.

Speed and security define the functionality of this well-thought-out visitor management system.

1. Pre-Registration

Schedule visits in advance

Both hosts and visitors can set up a meeting time.

2. Swift Sign-In

Automated process speeds up entry

Visitors get seamless entry after clearance and the host is notified.

3. Hassle-free Meeting

Track meeting & stay times

Arriver Visitor Studio lets administrators know who is where and for how long.